Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

Transmission Service & Clutch Replacement

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Learn More About Your Jaguar Transmission And Clutch Service

Your Jaguar car or SUV is meant for speed and has the parts required to make your drive around Austin, TX, as fun as possible. One of these parts is either an automatic or manual transmission that's designed to adjust the gear ratio between the engine and drive wheels as you speed up or slow down. As you drive, the transmission and clutch will begin to break down and require routine maintenance and repairs.

Four Common Transmissions Services You May Want To Schedule

In the mechanical world of transmissions, there are four common transmission services that your Jaguar may need. These include:

Automatic Transmission Fluid Exchange

Recommended to be performed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles, this automatic transmission fluid exchange is essential to the health of your transmission. Every transmission includes fluid that flows through the gears and parts to lubricate and clean. Over time, the friction and heat within the transmission will break this fluid down, making it unsuccessful and causing more damage to your transmission.

The automatic transmission fluid exchange, also known as a fluid flush, requires a technician to remove the drain plug, drain the fluid, replace the fluid, inspect the plug, and reinsert the plug.

Automatic Transmission Filter And Fluid Exchange

Every transmission also includes a filter that may become dirty and unusable over time. If the filter needs to be changed, the technician will remove the transmission pan, replace the dirty filter with a brand-new one, remove and replace the gasket material, reinstall the transmission pan, and perform the fluid flush mentioned above.

Manual Transmission Service

Because the transmission in a stick shift requires a clutch to work, it has more moving parts and therefore needs to be serviced more often. Most manual transmissions are recommended to receive service every 30,000 to 60,000 miles.

Manual transmission service requires a technician to remove the drain plug, drain the fluid, evacuate the fluid from the clutch, replace the fluid, inspect the plug for damage, replace the plug, and inspect the clutch. If the clutch needs a repair or to be replaced, then that is done as well.

Complete Transmission Service

Whether your car has an automatic or manual transmission, you can have it completely serviced. This comprehensive service covers every part of the transmission and includes:

  • Transmission fluid replacement
  • Transmission filter replacement
  • Transmission sump and pan inspection
  • Transmission pan cleaning and material replacement (if needed)
  • Clutch inspection (if applicable)
  • Inspection for friction damage or metal particles

When Does My Clutch Need To Be Replaced?

The clutch in your transmission is as important as the brake and gas pedals. As you drive throughout Pflugerville, TX, Cedar Park, TX, and beyond, you'll put wear and tear on your clutch, which will eventually need to be replaced or repaired. Some signs that your clutch requires service include:

  • Sticky or spongy clutch
  • Odd noises when you shift
  • Hard to accelerate

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