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Learn More About Your Jaguar Battery Service At Jaguar North Austin

When you're behind the wheel of a Jaguar, whether it be a new Jaguar E-PACE or a pre-owned Jaguar XF, you'll want to make sure that its power is ready to go when you want to. The battery is responsible for providing the power needed to not only start up your Jaguar's impressive engine, but also to power every light, electronic device, and working amenity your Jaguar has. Over time, the battery will begin to lose its charge and will eventually need to be replaced. Make sure that you know the signs of a dying battery to be prepared for when the time comes.

Signs That Your Car Battery Is Dying

Most cars come with what's known as a "wet-cell" battery. This plastic cube contains lead and sulfuric acid on the inside and two terminals on the outside. It's a simple part that will result in your car not starting when you need it if not taken care of. You'll want to pay attention to your car to see if your battery is dying or dead.

  1. It's Hard To Start In The Morning - Cold cranking is the term used to describe when you start your car for the first time each day. This cold crank requires more power. If your car takes a while to start first thing, it's a sign that your battery is losing its charge. You'll want to have it inspected soon.
  2. It Starts One, But Not The Next - If your Jaguar starts perfectly fine one moment, but needs to be jumped the next day, something is wrong with the battery. The terminals may be broken, loose, or corroded and require service. Or, you could be dealing with a parasitic draw, which is when something else is being left on and draining the battery.
  3. It Doesn't Start, But The Lights Work - If your car has lights, radio, and cranks when you turn the key, but it doesn't start, your battery still has power, but not enough to get the car started. You'll want to jumpstart it and have the battery inspected or replaced soon.
  4. Nothing Happens - If you get into the car and there aren't any lights, it won't start, and there are no other signs of power, then your battery is dead. You can attempt to jumpstart it, but the battery will need to be replaced as soon as possible.
  5. It's Been Jumped A Lot - Has your Jaguar needed to be jumped three or more times a week? Not only is this bad for your starter and alternator, but it's also annoying. Schedule an appointment to have the battery replaced at your next convenience.

How Long Should A Car Battery Last?

The lifetime of a battery depends on a few things, such as the weather, corrosion, the age of your vehicle, if you leave lights on, how often it's been jumped, and more. Most car batteries come with an estimated lifetime of up to two or three years, with some brands boasting to last up to five years.

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If you've been dealing with your Jaguar not starting or you've noticed the signs that your battery may be dying, feel free to contact our service center to schedule an appointment. Our team would love to help any Round Rock TX, Georgetown TX, or beyond driver with their Jaguar maintenance or repairs today!

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